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The Gonstead System of Chiropractic was developed by Dr Clarence Selmer Gonstead (“Dr. G”) over 55 years of continuous clinical observation, research and over 4 million Chiropractic adjustments from 1923 to 1978, in Mt Horeb, Wisconsin, USA. Over his decorated career, Dr. G refined his system into a highly specific method of analysing, adjusting and managing a Chiropractic patient from the time they enter the Chiropractic office. Every patient is a unique case with specific subluxations and must not be given the same course of ‘treatment’. Thus, the Gonstead System allows for the specific analysis, adjustment and management of each patient with the intent to ‘do the least to achieve the most’, that is to say, adjusting the least amount of segments, with the least amount of force, the least amount of times.

The Gonstead System has hundreds of years of combined clinical experience, is neurologically sound and has been tried and tested. It is a mainstream Chiropractic method, taught in Universities all around the world that is safe, effective and known for its sound neurological and biomechanical principles. It is arguably the pinnacle of Chiropractic services, owing to the level of analysis and care for the patient and to the results obtained. A Gonstead Chiropractor has spent many years developing this level of expertise, including 5 years of tertiary study (In Australia) and ongoing post graduate seminars, workshops and private study in order to gain competency utilising this method. Only an estimated 5% of Australia’s Chiropractors use this method of Chiropractic, making it an exclusive niche area of Chiropractic, largely due to level detailed analysis, specificity of the adjustment and principles of patient management.

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